YunoHost pre-installed images

Here you can download the latest images for various supports, with a pre-installed YunoHost.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Image | sha512
OlinuXino (Internet Cube)

(Internet Cube)

The InternetCube project regularly updates images for OLinuXino boards (Lime 1 & 2).

ISO Image

ISO Images

Stable amd64 | pgp - sha512
Stable i386 | pgp - sha512

Testing amd64 | pgp - sha512
Testing i386 | pgp - sha512
Testing images are intended for advanced users!
Releases archive


Vagrant Box

YunoHost Unstable (Jessie)
YunoHost Unstable (Stretch)

The Vagrant boxes are experimental, based on Debian Jessie, and mainly intended to be used with the ynh-dev script.
However, you can use these boxes directly, or with our VagrantFile, or even build them by yourself using our pre-build Vagrantfile.