If you are a new YunoHost user looking for pre-installed images, you might want to go to this page instead.

If you are looking for technical details regarding how we build those, you might want to look at our x86 build chain (based on Debian's ISO build chain), ARM build chain (based on Armbian) and the RPi build chain (based on Raspbian).


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Parent directory/--
wekan-1.07.tar.gz 68M2018-Jun-14 20:59
wekan-2.09.tar.gz 71M2019-Jan-28 23:46
wekan-2.56.tar.gz 100M2019-Apr-02 11:37
wekan-2.94-arm64-bundle.tar.gz 80M2019-Jun-30 01:53
wekan-2.98-meteor1.8-x64.tar.gz 80M2019-Jul-01 21:38